Day to day

If, we do not play matches, we all practice in CWE on Saturdays at 15:00 hours where the participation is mostly between 16 and 30 players weekly. We play all year and regularly messages are issued about practice and matches etc. This is forwarded via email to all mostly on weekly basis. Please update your email to

6 a side

We also participate in 6 a side tournament. Recurring events are BUGILS Six a Side and Bali Sixes and G+ Sixes. Other sixes can occur.

X-mas party

Ones a year we keep Jakarta Vikings X-mas party. In the beginning and for many years we used private housing, but the success has grown so large that bigger location is required. If anyone feels we need more parties it will be considered. Please contact the committee for support.

Vikings Cup

Every Easter the Viking team travel and participate in the Viking Cup somewhere in Asia. The 2016 Viking Cup was held in Hong Kong. Here are 10 Vikings team fighting for the prestige of calling them self:  The Viking Champion for one year.

If you never join / participate in a Viking Cup I can only say: It’s a must! This is 60 hour football & parties nonstop in excellent company. Also book this event in your calendar. Jakarta Vikings have participated 25 times and have won 3 times, 1990, 1991 and 2000. For more see also .