Jakarta Viking is going to the 29th Viking Cup with 2 6 a Side team + supporters

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Event will be held December 10th, 2016.

More information will be announced later, please book the day! Everybody is welcome!


We had a great friendly game against Christmas Islands, who were he to play a number of Jakartan teams over a week.

Maybe they did not enjoy it as much as we did - we won 9-0. We probably tied in the 3rd half :-)

German+ have invited to the annual event and Jakarta Vikings participated with a full squad, it was a wonderful sunny Saturday full day event hel at the Germa School in BSD.

Most of the known teams and faces from JIFL have joined and played football in a relaxed, competitive but yet very friendly environment.

Jakarta Vikings took home the Fair Play Trophy.

Special thanks to German+ again for arranging this event with a lots of football, sausages and beers.

After the season party is before the season party ...Our annual season end party will take place on Saturday 11th June 2016.

For further info and sign up pls contact : latest on Tuesday 7th June 2016

Same as the Viking Cup its an annual event that is certainly marked in our calendars.

Been there and done that many times and for sure more years to come ahead.

A challenging and competitive season has come to an end and Jakarta Vikings have managed to bring home the JIFL Trophy.

A well deserved win thanks to the entire Jakarta Viking team being steady in performance throughout the season as well a well planned strategy of Coach Georg.

A special thanks go to our sponsors, organizers, helpers & supporter and we look forward to seeing you soon and a continued success in season 2016/2017.

We participated in the tournament and ended 4 out 12 teams. Semi-final went into penalty kicks, where we lost 5-4 to Hong Kong.

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Traditional Danish Christmas food imported from the Viking homeland, Akvavit and excellent company

Where: Franks Smokehouse, Kemang
When: Saturday 12th December Time: 13:00 .

Price : JV members 250,000 IDR Guests: Male 500,000 IDR / Female 250,000
Price include food & Akvavit.

Bintang Beer Coupons can be bought directly from the Bar in Batches of
3 – 100,000 IDR,
6 – 200,000 IDR
9 – 300,000 IDR
Heineken half pint 45,000 IDR

…so chose your own level of poison.

Venue: Country Woods Residence

Date:    16th. of May 2015

Time:    Practice at 15:00h hereafter to Old Club House Pool.

Time:     For non player 17:30h

Price:    150K for Members 100K for ladies. 

Sign:      Latest 09.05.2015

Please sign up to Soren: 

If you have any entertaiment (must be funny) bring along.

Look forward to great show up.


A little nostalgic look backwards 25 years ago - this was the time before digital images, so Jan Gramm was nice enough to scan these precious memories into digital format.

Read all about the Cup by clicking here.

Viking Cup History

The Jakarta event in 1991, held on a Saturday only, also sparked off the now-traditional t-shirt and uniform craze, as then quite a few of the participants were involved in the garment trade.

They ruthlessly diverted and abused company resources for their own purpose, and Hong Kong walked away with the undeclared trophy for best, albeit outrageously, dressed team for the next years. 

We play against FC. Bugils at PTIK 07 February 15 KO at 16:00h

  • Meeting time 15.30
  • Kick-off 16.00

Please be there on time

Saturday 14 th of February Practice in CWE. Start at 15:00h

Saturday 21th. of February Practice in CWE start at  15:00h 

Saturday 28th. of February. Practice in CWE start at 15:00 h

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Fellow Vikings,

Please reserve Saturday the 13th. of December 2014 for Jakarta Vikings famous X-mas Lunch. Bring friends and family or alike.

Venue To Be Announced and Kick Off will be at 13:00 hours.

Viking Committee



Jakarta Vikings are everywhere - and of course some members also attended the World Cup in Brazil. 

We will let the images speak for themeselves.

Fellow Vikings,

Practice next 2 weekends at CWE. As always KO at 15:00 hours.

Pre-season party will be held in our old Club House in CWE  Saturday the 6th. of September right after practice.

Bring your swim suit. 

In order to match our purchase of Beef steak and others accessories please sign up to Soren latest 1st. September.

Bring new players or your friends and family. Soren and Kim will be Grillmasters with good foods etc.

There will be free flow of cold beer.

Price is 150.000 IDR/ Person to be paid to Soren on the day.